About Me

I’m an Asian American with a lot of different heritage around the world. One of my favorite heritage cuisines to cook and eat is Vietnamese. I have worked as a chef and accountant over the years, but I’ve known all my life that food is where my heart is. It is a representation of everything that is meaningful to me – family and friends, love, and joy. I make food for people I love and care about to bring them joy, and of course to make sure that they walk away with full belly.

I’m starting this blog to share authentic Vietnamese recipes with the world. There have been so many times that I have been struck by a craving for food from my childhood and could not find a recipe for it. My mother always cooked with feel and taste, never writing anything down. I loved spending time in the kitchen watching and learning but there were always things that I missed. This is my attempt to write down all of the recipes that I have learned and any that I can get from my family to share with you. I hope that you enjoy these recipes and share them with those that are close to you too.

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